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Realm Portals
Realm Portals
the app for cooperative game-mastered roleplaying

About Realm Portals

Realm Portals is much more than an app. It's a complete cloud-based gaming system designed to connect players and gamemasters for genuine roleplaying adventure! As a gamemaster, you can import photos of your own realm and dungeon maps and customize to your own gamesystem. As a player, you can select your own avatar and describe your character's nature and skill -- then play on a virtual game board that allows movement, combat, roll actions and selectively revealed map sections.

Players List

See players in your own realm, and other players currently active on the system. Icons indicate each character's class, and the realm name is shown for players in realms. If you are a gamemaster, players can request to join your realm - so you can fill in gaps in your party or build a new campaign from scratch!

Player Detail

Desribe your own character or see others' characters in detail. While you don't have to type in your whole character sheet, you can set up personalized avatars, select your class and race, answer realm-specific questions, and set up your own roll modifiers -- everything you need to personalize your play.

Realm Description

As a gamemaster, your realm is your central focus. Besides a top-level world map and description, you can add as many sub-maps (dungeon and town maps) as you want, set up custom rollers to match your gamesystem, set up profile questions to ask your players, and even schedule play sessions to let players know when your realm will be open for business!

Game Rollers

Dice rolls are at the heart of most RPG's, providing controlled randomness for actions and encounters. Realm Portals lets you set up custom realm and player "rollers" that include base and damage/effect rolls with selected numbers and types of dice, along with modifiers. These "rollers" then become name-selectable actions during play.

Combat/Play Screen

Finally, gather up over a "shared map" with your own player figurines and run your adventure! Icons that represent players, monsters and items are clickable and draggable to select actions. Every player action is collected for approval by the gamemaster, with convenient tracking of dice rolls, damage/healing tracking, saving rolls and skill checks. The gamemaster "unmasks" sections of the map as your party explores. Everything is synchronized in real-time via a cloud service, giving you the illusion of a "virtual gaming table" on which you weave your story!